Handi SOS

Making the world a safer place


We can all feel vulnerable at times and unexpected danger could be just around the corner.

Handi SOS is for

In an emergency, with a simple press your SOS call for help is sent out quickly and discreetly.


Your SMS alert includes your Google Maps location, so help can make it’s way to you.

How it works

Handi SOS pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. When in danger, you can click Handi SOS to send alerts and location to selected contacts. In an emergency, every second counts.

Handi SOS

Handi SOS is small, Bluetooth button and app which connects to yours smartphone.

Pair to your phone

With a Bluetooth range of 20m, Handi SOS allows you to call for help quickly, discreetly and remotely.

SOS Alert & Google Maps Location

When pressed, your Emergency Contacts will receive an SMS message with your SOS alert and Google Maps location.

Handi SOS is a personal safety gadget that anyone can use.


Affordable, practical and easy to use with
subscription fees.


Small and sleek hardware button with pressure-push to avoid false alarms.


This small button’s chip packs a punch – sporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to conserve battery of connected devices.


Pairs seamlessly with the Handi SOS Mobile App, where you can customise your alerts and select your emergency contacts.

Replaceable battery

Forget running out of charge every evening – the replaceable battery will last 6 – 10 months before it’s time to replace.

The perfect safety gadget for you and your loved ones.

The world can be unexpectedly dangerous. There are risks everywhere without us even knowing. Handi SOS is an emergency button that  could save your life or the life of a loved one in that moment of distress when it is needed the most. 

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